When Southwest Florida residents find themselves in hot water from a legal standpoint, they tend to contact an experienced Florida injury attorney for assistance. A Florida injury attorney’s phone is always going to ring the most during the moments following an accident that has taken place.

The average client is not always aware of the level of assistance that they may be entitled to. They may be reticent to pick up the phone because they believe that they have no legal recourse available to them. However, the current conditions of the roadways in Southwest Florida have led to a more open dialogue in this regard.

The city of Cape Coral was recently forced to reach a settlement because of these dangerous roads. Lehigh Acres roadways have also been under heavy duress. So how does a motorist know what needs to be done? How can they keep themselves safe from harm? Do they have access to legal assistance if any further issues take place?

Lehigh Acres is doing their part to eliminate the problems in the meantime but that does not mean that motorists should also be avoiding the role that they have to play in these scenarios. Crash prone spots can cause problems but a motorist can always do the necessary research to find out more beforehand.

Being proactive is always crucial in these instances. Lee Boulevard’s main traffic light is at the crux of the issue. Gunnery Road and Fifth Street West present problematic left hand turns that have caused a multitude of accidents over the years. While a Southwest Florida injury attorney will certainly be happy to assist if problems arise, there is something to be said for avoiding them in the first place.

Residents of the area are thrilled that the necessary changes are being made. In time, this spot should become far less prone to crashes than it was before. Motorists must also recognize the risks that are associated with traveling on roads that are not in proper condition.

If a roadway is not maintained and the poor maintenance is believed to have directly caused an accident, the motorist should contact a legal representative. The homeowner’s association or the town itself is typically responsible for this sort of maintenance. Government agencies may also hold a certain level of responsibility, depending on the location.

Anyone who finds themselves victimized by shoddy road work should definitely contact an experienced attorney as soon as they are aware of the extent of their injuries. Knowing which parties are going to be held legally responsible for the injuries that have taken place is not always as easy as it looks. This is where the assistance of a professional litigator will most certainly come in handy!