Jan 23

What To Do When Your Florida Funeral Home Is Negligent

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There are a wide range of lawsuits involving malpractice
in the state of Florida. When Florida physicians are forced to head to court to
clear their names, a Florida malpractice attorney assists the clients who are
adversely affected by their actions (or lack thereof).

Florida Malpractice Attorney: Funeral Home Negligence

When our loved ones are injured or killed as the result
of faulty treatment, our first instinct is to blame the physician who is
involved. Funeral homes are not always held responsible for the role that they
play when these sorts of accidents and incidents take place.

Orlando and Boca Raton funeral homes that betray the
trust of those who rely upon them must be held responsible. When these entities
need to be sued, there are a few things that you need to know.

How a Florida Malpractice Attorney Can Help

Surviving children and spouses are able to contact
experienced attorneys in these instances. Surviving parents and those who have
been listed as a recipient in the will also have the ability to retain a legal
representative when it comes to cases of this nature.

When Has Negligence Occurred?

When a court is forced to decide whether negligence has
occurred, there are a few factors to consider. Has the funeral home engaged in
any of the following actions or behaviors?

Have they performed any and all services that have been
required by their licensing?

Have the agreements that were outlined in the original
contract been lived up to in full?

Are the services that were supposed to be performed
carried out?

Was the funeral rule upheld?

Was the corpse mishandled and/or abused?

Having a stronger understanding of these questions will
allow you to learn more about potential negligence when it takes place. If
there are any further questions about the matter, an experienced attorney in
the Jupiter region is able to help.

Are There Any Specific Examples of Negligence?

There are a few specific examples that need to be
addressed. If the funeral home has misplaced the body of the party who is
deceased, this is a clear cut example of a viable malpractice case. A funeral
home cannot sell body parts or be found to perform any sort of sexual act on
the body. These are also clear cut, specific example of negligence.

If any personal property has been stolen from the
deceased prior to their burial, this is also something that needs to be
addressed in a court of law. Those who are wondering about the actions of their
chosen funeral home and are unsure as to whether negligence has taken place
must pick up the phone and contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.
All funeral homes must be held responsible for such actions.