A Florida personal injury attorney can assist their clients in a number of ways. While most of us are familiar with the usual claims that take place, what about bad insurance claims? How can a Florida personal injury attorney assist us when it comes to winning one of those?

Insurance companies are only supposed to pay out damages for losses that took place when the filer of the claim was acting on good faith. Occasionally, insurers will decide to operate outside of the boundaries of the law. They may fail to investigate a claim properly or they could even devalue a claim unreasonably.

How Does A Florida Injury Attorney Help?

First of all, the attorney is going to be well versed in the statutes [] that affect these cases. Secondly, the authorities have also taken the proper steps to make the filing of a bad faith claim against an insurer even easier than ever before [].

Knowing how to win one of these claims is not always easy and this is where the presence of an experienced injury attorney in Florida definitely comes in handy. Knowing more about the individual claim types is also key.

What Are The Two Main Types of Bad Faith Insurance Claims?

These claims tend to be divided into two different categories: third party and first party. Third party claims tend to be a bit more complex so let’s start there. This is when an insurer elects to handle your claim against a third party in a negligent manner. Let’s say you are struck by another motorist and the insurer handles the claim in a way that allows the other motorist to avoid financial responsibility.

That is an example of a third party claim. A first party claim takes place when the insured is denied the coverage that they paid for from the insurer in a more direct way. If our homes are damaged and the insurer refuses to make a payout under the current policy, this is a first party claim.

How Can We Approach These Claims?

Expert legal teams are used by the insurers when they stand accused of bad faith claims. In order to avoid certain defeat, you will need an experienced Florida personal injury attorney by your side who has handled these sorts of cases in the past. These companies will typically flip the burden onto the insured and claim that they are at fault.

Be sure to keep as much documentation as possible. This allows the attorney to create a more airtight case on your behalf and keeps them from having to scramble to collect paperwork after the fact. A combination of legal expertise and proper documentation is required if you are going to receive the desired outcome in a case of this nature.


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