Jan 30

Florida Car Crashes: The Role That Airbags Play

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Florida car crashes are often fatal and faulty airbags are to blame more often than you may realize. There are a wide range of factors to consider when making a decision of this magnitude. The airbags are not always as important of a factor as they should be. This is something that needs to change.

A Florida personal injury attorney can provide necessary assistance in this regard. The recent Takata airbag settlement [https://goo.gl/8y9vWt] shows that there are a shocking number of accidents that take place because of airbags that do not function in the proper manner.

How Can a Florida Personal Injury Attorney Help?airbag-accident-personal-injury-attorney

Every car owner needs to equip themselves with the proper level of knowledge as far as airbags are concerned. Accidents lurk around every corner. In order to prevent injuries during a potential crash, there are a few things that you need to know. A Florida personal injury attorney lets a potential client find out more about how airbags work.

A Closer Look

Those who experience airbag failures may have a tough time proving their case or explaining what has happened if they do not know how the airbags work in the first place. When a car crash, the airbag is supposed to stop our continued forward momentum. The airbag is there to prevent the driver from crashing into their windshield or dashboard.

When a crash occurs, there is a change in acceleration. This change sends a signal to an electrical current that will then cause the airbag to fill with the nitrogen gas that provides the necessary oxygen. Contrary to popular belief, these bags do not fill with oxygen themselves.

Why Do Airbags Fail?

Knowing more about why the airbags in your vehicle may fail is also important. Even if the airbag has been properly manufactured and distributed, there are still various incidents that can occur that will lead to death or serious injury:


When the Takata airbags were recalled, shrapnel was a major culprit. The ignition of the inflation process happened in far too forceful of a manner and this caused the metal cartridges inside of the airbag to be discharged.


An airbag may be too large for the vehicle it is in and cause the passenger to be suffocated as a result.

Sheer Force

The force that is exerted when an airbag is deployed may also be responsible for the injuries that occur. As a precautionary measure, children should not be allowed to sit in the front seat of the vehicle.

If you have any further questions about the airbags in your vehicle and whether they have caused a severe injury, please be sure to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in the South Florida region as soon as possible 561.296.9400.