Chain reaction car crashes are not easy to watch and understandably so. Any one of us could find ourselves caught up in one of these accidents, through no fault of our own. So what happens after a chain reaction crash takes place? How is fault determined? How can a Florida personal injury attorney help?


Florida Personal Injury Attorney Assistance

First of all, it is going to be very difficult for the parties who were involved to determine fault. These tragedies tend to strike randomly, at the moments when they are at least expected. Sorting through the damages and the bills to decide who is going to pay what can be exasperating.

Personal injury protection is a crucial aspect of the equation. This protection provides each driver coverage for medical bills up to $10,000. PIP policy holders are covered by their Florida automotive insurance carrier in these instances. But often this coverage is not enough to satisfy a victim’s losses and injuries. So how are negligent behaviors going to be determined in these instances?

Common Examples of Negligence

Speeding, unsafe lane changes and failure to operate a motor vehicle on the right side of the road are all common examples of negligence. Pretty open and shut, right? There are other examples that need to be addressed, however.

For example, those who are found to be talking on the phone or texting while driving could be held responsible for causing a chain reaction wreck. Driving under the influence and driving without a seat belt also qualify. Even those who are found to be driving a vehicle that has not been properly maintained and the poor maintenance contributes to the crash could be held responsible for causing a crash of this nature.

What About Crashes involving Multiple At Fault Parties?

Some might be saying “but what about cases where more than one driver is found to be negligent?” and this is a great question. Let’s say that a chain reaction crash takes place and there are multiple drivers that need to be held responsible.

Often times insurance companies argue about who should be held responsible. There are often several parties competing for limited coverage.
You need a personal injury attorney to help you sort through this myriad of issues and to fight for your rights.

Before court proceedings begin, it is important for the client and their legal representation to collect any and all information that pertains to the crash. Establishing negligence is not always as simple as it looks. Avoid the finger pointing and contact an experienced legal representative as soon as the accident has taken place, so that you are able to secure a positive outcome.