In a world where Florida residents are forced to hear news about road rage shootings [] on an everyday basis, it can seem as if the state is teeming with angry drivers. Even our smallest children are no longer safe on the roadways [].

Anyone who has spent time on the Florida roads knows that this is a problem that needs to be solved. No one should ever have to worry like this, especially when it comes to something as simple as driving around the corner. A Florida personal injury attorney can help.

How Can A Florida Personal Injury Attorney Assist Us?

It all starts by providing a helpful guide on how to steer clear of road rage once and for all. Whether you reside in Jupiter, Fort Pierce, Boca Raton or Orlando, these tips and pointers can help immensely. road-rage-florida-personal-injury-attorneyFlorida is currently leading the entire nation when it comes to road rage cases and it is high time that we all came together to put a stop to it.

What Are The Reasons For Road Rage?

There are a number of reasons for road rage. Some believe that those who allow themselves to succumb to it are merely viewing their vehicles as extensions of themselves. A car may also provide the driver with the chance to feel more powerful and gain a greater sense of control.

It is also easier to lapse into foul behaviors when we are not able to communicate with other drivers. Road rage situations often take place because one or both parties feel as if they have been dehumanized. Being isolated from contact with fellow drivers makes it much easier to behave atrociously.

What Are The Most Common Signs of Road Rage?

A driver that is tailgating or following too closely may be on the verge of a road rage incident. The same goes for a driver that is slamming on their brakes repeatedly or utilizing the left lane in an improper manner. Refusal to yield and excessive horn honking are also telltale signs of road rage.

How To Handle Road Rage Incidents

Assess the other driver’s level of aggression first. If they have moved past the point of angry gesticulation and are actively attempting to injure fellow motorists, do not pull over. Contact the authorities immediately. Do not try to handle the situation without any assistance.

Remain calm if you are involved in an accident with a road raging driver. Stay away from the other driver and put as much space between you as possible while waiting for the police and medical personnel to arrive. An experienced attorney must be contacted as soon as an accident of this nature takes place. Otherwise, the driver is taking a major risk when it comes to the ensuing legal proceedings.