A Florida personal injury attorney can assist a parent and their teen driver if they have experienced any sort of accident or incident. In a perfect world, these types of occurrences would never have the chance to take place. According to the National Security Council [], teen driving accidents are the number one cause of death for this age group.

A study [] that took place at UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) also found that parents are guilty of perceiving their teen drivers to be safer than others. However, all teen drivers are at the same skill level when they first start out.

A Florida Personal Injury Attorney’s Guide To Teen Driving Safety

Parents must avoid the temptation of believing that their child is above the usual mistakes that are made while driving. Teens are typically excited to get their learner’s permit and parents tend to share in this excitement. Taking that all important first step towards independence is important.

Unfortunately, all teens are not ready to drive right away. Let’s take a closer look at the signs that parents will need to pay closer attention to. If your teen is ready to get behind the wheel, these are the signs that present themselves:

Willingness To Put The Phone Down

Distracted drivers cause thousands of deaths each year and Florida parents must remain aware of these issues. Cell phones lead to unwanted accidents. A teen must show that they are aware of these sorts of realities before they are allowed behind the wheel of a car.

A teenager that has become overly addicted should not be given the keys. Texting while driving is not just dangerous, it is illegal. When a parent always has to remind their teen about putting their phone down and paying attention to the road, this is a sure sign that the child is not prepared to handle the responsibility.

Riding Safety

The manner in which a child behaves while they are a passenger goes a long way towards letting parents know what type of a driver they will be. A relaxed and attentive passenger is far more likely to pay close attention while driving. A passenger who is constantly on their phone and unable to concentrate is more likely to carry over these traits when they begin to drive.

Ability To Follow The Rules

If a teen is not willing to follow the rules of your home, how can they be expected to follow the rules of the road? Does the child have a positive attitude when it comes to authority figures or are they the type to make it up as they go along? Any parent who wishes to keep their child safe must answer this question in an honest manner.