We all see the signs and commercials. Beer companies and drinking establishments want us to enjoy our drinking experience but they would also like for us to do so in a responsible manner. However, there are instances where the aforementioned establishments find themselves accused of over serving a customer and contacting a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer can make all the difference.

Can a Personal Injury Attorney In Florida Assist Us In These Cases?

Some believe that bars are not liable for over serving because they see headlines like these []. There are instances where the bar can be held responsible, though. Stories like those should never be taken as a substitute for the proper legal advice. Bars are often held responsible for these scenarios and they should be in certain scenarios.

Dramshop Laws

Dramshop laws have been in existence since the United States Temperance Movement [] took place. These laws serve as a measure of protection. They ensure that a patron who is served alcoholic beverages when they are visibly intoxicated is given the legal protection they deserve.

These laws also encompass those who find themselves facing a “habitual addiction”. This is tougher to prove, though. Having a Florida personal injury lawyer who is willing to help is incredibly important at moments like these.

Are you still looking to determine whether your case is viable? Unsure to whether the bar in question is liable? The following example of dram shop liability will let you know more about the level of liability that can be expected in your case.

Car Accidents

If a patron is over served and they are found responsible for causing a car accident, they can be held liable for these occurrences. For example, if a bar is found to have knowingly served a patron who was visibly intoxicated and they later cause an accident, reasonable inferences can be made. Bars across America have been forced to pay out settlements because they were linked to accidents.

Proving Fault

Proving fault is not always easy. It needs to be proven that the patron is either under the age of 21 or that they were noticeably intoxicated at the time. The bar staff’s knowledge of these events must also be proven.

A bartender can formulate all sorts of counterarguments. They can say that the patron simply couldn’t hold their liquor. They can also say that the patron was drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. If there is any chance of the bar’s staff members proving that they were not liable, they are usually able to do so.

If you believe that a Florida bar’s negligence is responsible for your injuries or the injuries of a loved one, be sure to contact an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer. They are able to provide you with the assistance that you require.


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