Recently, the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA) contained the findings of a study on energy drinks. The new study revealed that energy drinks could cause heart problems for people who are already susceptible to heart-related diseases such as high blood pressure.

Due to the enormous size of the study, it is yet to be finalized. However, the findings show that consumption of energy drinks can lead to a temporary spike in systolic blood pressure which ultimately affects the cardiovascular system. Cardiologists and doctors in the United States have suggested that additional studies are needed to support and authenticate the findings of the investigation.

What is systolic blood pressure?

Systolic blood pressure refers to the amount of pressure in a person’s arteries as the heart beats. Some common symptoms of systolic blood include pressure Heart palpitations, headaches, increase in nighttime urination and vision changes. High blood pressure can cause a severe circulatory disease known as peripheral atherosclerosis. This disease causes the arteries or blood vessels to become narrow, slowing down the free flow of blood to the limbs.

Energy drinks have gained wide acceptance, and many people use it to prevent drowsiness while carrying out their daily activities. But, unlike regular coffee, energy drinks contain a higher and an unhealthy dose of caffeine. While a regular cup of coffee has about 95mgs of caffeine, energy drinks such as red bull contain 111mgs of caffeine and some others like the 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength contains 242mgs of caffeine.

In 2012, Consumer Reports (CR) carried out an investigation on energy drinks and discovered that almost 30% of popular energy drinks contained 20% more caffeine that the manufacturers claimed. The high concentration of caffeine in energy drinks makes it a matter of serious concern.

The JAHA study reported that a small group of people who had consumed the energy drink recorded changes in their cardiac and blood pressure. Readers were therefore advised by the authors of the study that those who had underlying heart conditions, high blood pressure or other health issues may find it beneficial to avoid energy drinks or cut down on its consumption. When it comes to your diet and heart health, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor.

Daily consumption of a safe amount of caffeine (400 mgs) does not pose any risk for a healthy adult. But pregnant women are advised to consume only about 200mgs while children and teenagers can only consume 45-100 mgs, depending on their age.

Since the study featured a group’s response to both energy drinks and regular caffeine drinks like coffee, the investigators were able to discover other interesting facts. They found out that those who consumed the coffee drink recorded no spike in blood pressure, instead only those who consumed the energy drinks did. This indicates that apart from caffeine, the energy drink contains other chemicals that affect a person’s cardiovascular system.

Before this time, doctors and researchers have been apprehensive about the safety of energy drinks.

Consumers were warned some time ago by a London-based study of the hidden caffeine present in energy drinks which are usually in the form of taurine, guarana, and ginseng. The consumption of energy drinks is said to have led to heart attacks and other serious health issues.

Undoubtedly, this topic calls for further investigation and follow-up from medical professionals as consumers have the right to know what products are safe for consumption. Florida wrongful death attorneys are committed to protecting consumers rights.


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