Now that football season is underway, South Florida roadways are filled with drivers that are on their way to and from various school, college and other professional events. There are also a wide range of people who enjoy throwing watch parties at their homes. How do these events increase risk? Universities like Florida State, Florida Atlantic and University Miami are currently assessing the risk to their student body.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the National Football League have also created a partnership that is designed to draw attention to such issues. Their initiative is an important one. They are encouraging fans to choose a designated driver before partaking in any sporting events.

personal injury attorney in Jupiter and Port St Lucie Florida can also increase awareness about the realities that are associated with these issues. When collisions take place, it can be challenging for the victim to wade through many confusing issues. First, identifying the parties responsible is not always easy. They can include the following:

At Fault Drivers/Insurance Companies: At fault drivers can be held liable for their negligence in causing an accident and may be assessed punitive damages if driving while impaired. Even those who are passengers in vehicles that are driven by drunk drivers could be entitled to compensation. This is important information for all passengers to bear in mind.

Under Insured/Uninsured Motorists: If an At-Fault driver is uninsured or underinsured, victims who carry these forms of coverage may be entitled to receive compensation from their own insurance carrier.

Homeowners: When a football watch party takes place, there are instances where hosts can be held responsible for accidents that occur because of over serving. The homeowner’s insurance carrier may be a source of recover.

Sporting Venues: Stadium owners and sports teams are beholden to dram shop laws and all laws pertaining to Florida premises liability laws.

Restaurants/Bars: The dram shop laws in the state of Florida provide special circumstances where they can be held responsible if they serve a minor or if they serve someone who is a habitual drunkard. An experienced personal injury attorney In Port St. Lucie is familiar with these types of laws.

The onus has been placed on all of these people and establishments to take the necessary steps. It is wise for hosts of these types of events to make travel arrangements for guests who have had to much to drunk. Also, designated drivers are an absolute must when it comes time to enjoy the games.

When all parties involved take the time to recognize their obligations before accidents take place, everyone’s enjoyment level is increased. Everyone must come together to reduce the chances of a tragedy taking place. No one wants to cause a tragic accident while they are in the process of rooting for their favorite football team. A Florida injury attorney provides the necessary legal advice, so that South Florida residents can make the right decisions going forward.