As the holiday festivities carry on, there is a lurking risk on Florida roads, and this is drunk drivers. Recent studies by SCRAM Systems found that 28% of highway fatalities are alcohol-related. That the figure rises up to 40% during holidays. It is 35% on Thanksgiving, 41% by Christmas, and 58% on New Year’s Eve. 16% of adults say they drink more over the holidays. Half of that figure say alcohol plays a role in their family holiday gatherings. 96% say they went to work hung over or know someone else who did. 103 million people were on the road from Dec. 23, 2016, through January 3, 2017, thus indicating the risks. In every eight licensed drivers, one said they drove under the influence of alcohol.

The Risk

Although speed and distraction remain the top causes of auto accidents, drunk driving is an out-sized risk during this time of year. The most significant issue is that drivers fail to plan for transportation, even when they know they will be drinking. The authorities have initiated enhanced public education campaigns and patrols to cub the problem. But at some point, there has to be personal accountability because failure to do so will result in wrecks that can cause serious injury, or sometimes death. It is paramount to indicate that the most responsible drinkers aren’t immune to slowed reaction. A single drink is an enough to impair judgment and response time.

Possibilities Regarding Making a Case

A Florida Car Accident Lawyer knows that there are many ways to obtain cash compensation for victims. Under Florida law, PIP (personal injury protection), provides nearly $10,000 in coverage, no matter who the fault lies with. If death occurs or the injuries are significant, you can pursue a case against the drunk driver. In the event that the motorist lacks adequate insurance, you can file a claim for underinsured motorist coverage via your own insurance carrier.

If the vehicle owner wasn’t the driver, the vehicle owner can be vicariously liable. If a driver was leaving a holiday party at work, it is possible to take action against his or her employer. If the drunk driver who is under 21 took alcohol at a bar or is a known alcohol addict, it is also possible to make a case against the bar.

Are You A Drunk Driving Accident Victim in Florida?

For those who have suffered a drunk driving accident in Florida, you are likely going to be entitled to compensation for your troubles. You can initiate this process by seeking consultation with a Florida Car Accident Lawyer. A Florida Car Accident Lawyer will help you understand how to go about getting monetary compensation. The attorney will help you know your rights better and make sure you get maximum cash.