While train accidents do not take place in Florida at the same rate as they once did, a Florida injury attorney will still receive calls about cases like these on a shockingly regular basis. Hundreds of fatalities take place because of train accidents each year and an Orlando injury attorney can assist clients who are in need of help.

When a client trusts a railroad company to transport them from point A to point B, there are certain responsibilities that need to be upheld. If they are not, a client may struggle to receive the proper compensation. Are the tracks in working condition? What about the train itself?

These are the questions that have to be answered before a client can contact an injury attorney. The attorney can certainly be useful but there is no guarantee that they can provide a viable settlement. They are able to look into any accident or incident that takes place to make sure that all of the correct precautions have been taken.

The train conductor is often questioned at moments like these. The attorney’s job is to make sure that they have done everything in their power to avoid accidents. The average client may believe that they have a strong case against a railroad company but the attorney’s job is to turn these beliefs into an actual argument on their behalf.

In order for a jury to find a railroad company liable, there are certain facts that need to be considered. In one recent case, a man was killed and his friend was badly injured when they attempted to drive across a set of tracks when a train approached out of nowhere. Since the crossing was covered in overgrown vegetation and the signage was not clear, the plaintiff believed that this was all the evidence needed.

The horn was not sounded either. The jury agreed with the plaintiff and awarded a considerable settlement. The railroad company’s appeal was not successful, although it was ruled that the deceased should accept 35 percent of the fault. Even after the settlement was reduced by 35 percent, the plaintiff took home over $10 million.

This case should serve as a valuable reminder that there is only so much that an attorney can do in these instances. They are able to assist us in the research process and uncover information that we may not have considered. What they cannot do is manufacture a case for you.

Any Florida residents that have been injured (or had relatives experience injury) due to the negligence of a railroad company are entitled to compensation. Be sure to contact an experienced attorney so that they can provide the guidance needed for a potential case of this magnitude.