In order to legally operate a motor vehicle in Florida, every motorist is required by law to maintain a standard level of insurance coverage. Basically, this is aimed at ensuring that motorists have sufficient assets to cover the costs incurred by the accident victim when involved in a Florida car accident that led to serious injuries or death. Note that this can only take effect when the motorist is responsible for the car accident.

Insurance companies often depend chiefly on making profit. Basically, they operate like a profit organization that will do all they can to stay in business as many other businesses will do. By implication, these insurance companies will require a viable source of revenue to stay in business. Obviously, they do this by taking in more monthly premiums than they disburse in settled claims.

That’s why every insurance adjuster is required to be professionally trained on how to settle claims for the lowest possible sum of money. In most cases, they take advantage of accident victims who are ignorant of the worth of their claim by pressurizing them to accepting as little a sum of money as possible. This emphasizes the need of hiring a professional Florida injury attorney to help you avoid the pressure of accepting settlement offers from pushy insurance adjusters.

Determined to be unfair, see how a Florida court refused to enforce a settlement agreement in this recent case. The victim, who was a passenger in a friend’s car, complained of pain in her side and neck shortly after being involved in a car accident. Both the other driver and the friend of the plaintiff were cited by the police.

Along with the other motorist’s insurance company, an adjuster had to meet with the plaintiff to examine the extent of her injuries and subsequently discuss how her claim will be potentially settled. The plaintiff ignorantly agreed to accept the sum of $3,500 as the settlement which included all medical expenses for her claim due to her of experience with insurance issues and who has also had intellectual disability.

Though the amount was later increased to $8,500 by the plaintiff, it was in no way sufficient to cater for her medical expenses with were rounding up to $400,000. With the help of a Florida injury attorney, the plaintiff could file a case against the adjuster who she claimed exploited her susceptibility to pressure her.

She was finally granted permission by the court to proceed her case to trial. According to the court, the adjuster was fully aware that the medical expenses incurred were far above the proposed settlement amount but they still went ahead to persuade her to accept the little sum. It also explained that she was actually vulnerable to an unfair influence.