According to a report by the Florida injury attorneys, there is an increasing rate of injury accidents in Florida. In fact, in 2018 alone, Florida has already recorded over 50,000 cases of accidents. This calls for concern, hence, the local trauma center and county planners have begun to work together to ensure that something is done to check and/or reduce these terrible events.

Driving Down Fatalities in Florida

There is an action being considered by the relevant traffic authorities in Florida which is aimed at bringing together law enforcement agencies, health care professionals, students, private organizations, and the residents of Florida to develop a plan that will help to reduce traffic fatalities. This plan is termed as “Driving Down” traffic fatalities. So, it is necessary to have a Florida injury attorney who can provide the legal implications of not following this plan, should it become enforced by the traffic authorities in Florida.

Again, the Florida injury attorneys have advised motorists not to flee the scene of an accident in order to avoid being suspected. It has been discovered that most of the motorists who flee accidents scenes were either driving under the influence of alcohol or driving without a valid driver’s license, and in some cases, both. In Southwest, FL, troopers are now being deployed to track motorists who flee the scene of an accident. According to the statistics made available to injury attorneys in Florida, one out of every four motorists flees the scene of a crash.

Hit-and-Run Collision Risks in Florida

According to the law in Florida, leaving a scene of a crash is a crime. This action is referred to as a hit-and-run accident, thus, Florida injury attorneys are usually interested in such cases because it is always difficult for victims to blame a motorist or driver who has fled the accident scene without leaving contact information. The experienced injury lawyers know how to handle such cases in order to make sure that a victim gets compensation for the medical expenses and the property damaged caused by the other party.

Furthermore, victims of hit-and-run crashes are advised to seek financial recovery. This is very important to them because it will be able to cover their medical expenses, as well as the property damage suffered in the course of the accident. Also, motorists who fled crash scenes and were subsequently found guilty of a hit-and-run crime would not have been found guilty of the crime if they had stayed or waited for the arrival of the police of traffic agencies. In addition, when you are involved in an accident, it is advisable that you contact your attorney immediately in order to avoid any form of suspicions and/or problems that may arise due to a result of the accident.


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