A lot of accidents happen on a daily basis. One kind of damage that is commonly sustained by car crash victims in Florida are soft tissue injuries. A soft tissue injury (STI) damages the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the body. Besides being common in auto accident victims, these type of injuries usually happen due to a strain, sprain, and one off blow ultimately resulting in a contusion or overuse of a particular body part.

Soft tissue injuries include:

  • Nerve damage
  • Whiplash
  • Pulled, strained, Sprained or torn muscles

The issue is that this type of injury may be hard to express in medical terms and most times difficult to prove by the victim. Therefore insurance companies may try to lay claims for damages or even try to limit car accident settlements due to the victim. For you to win an injury lawsuit, can be an onerous task or even seem to be an impossible mission.

Therefore the services of a skilled, experienced personal injury attorney in Florida must be sought in order to get justice. The personal injury attorney in Florida will help the injured victim assess the situation, put down facts, document and gather medical evidence as well as reports.

At-fault/no-fault States

It is worthy to note that different states have different policies enacted to settle issues like this. In some states, it is the defendant’s insurance company that pays for the damages and injury claim. While in other states it is the plaintiff’s insurance company that pays for the claim moreover plaintiffs are not also allowed to sue defendants.

In West Palm Beach you must establish a soft tissue injury case by means of documented medical diagnosis for insurance claims. The injured party may seek medical treatment for a soft tissue injury right away. The doctor would first run tests, create medical records for evidence of the soft tissue injury.

Ways to Settle Soft Tissue Injuries Caused by Car Accidents in Florida

In cases like this insurance companies do map out a particular amount that they usually pay in settlement of this type of injury. However if the plaintiff refuses to take the established pay, the insurance company may refuse to increase the determined amount or refuse to pay entirely.

How to win a soft tissue injury lawsuit

To earn a lawsuit in an “at-fault” state, your car accident lawyer would build a case around records and people by taking the following steps:

  • The attorney must have proper medical records of the injury
  • The attorney will gather these documents as evidence
  • The attorney must get proof that the car accident happened in a particular way, this he/she must do with an expert’s testimony

Plaintiffs are always advised to reach a fair settlement with the insurance agency without having to sue the defendant. However in cases where an insurance company refuses to pay. The plaintiff would be left with no choice than to sue the insurance company for damages.