A recent accident that took place in Orange County recently highlighted the types of issues that can occur on a construction site. The scaffolding collapsed at a local hotel and two construction workers were killed in the process. This has caused many to contact their personal injury attorney in Florida.

After all, this is the type of event that is always going to raise more questions than it answers. The hotel was under construction when the accident occurred. Concrete was being poured at the time. Those who have friends and loved ones who work in construction are forgiven for wanting to know what comes next.

This is where a personal injury attorney in Florida comes into play. They have the ability to assist us in ways that we never thought possible before. These attorneys cannot wave a magic wand and provide everyone who experiences these sorts of issues with a massive settlement.

What they can do is provide potential clients with a road map of what to expect. The tragic incident described above is actually one of a few that has taken place recently in the state of Florida. With the sheer number of construction related accidents that are taking place, it is only natural for people to want to know more about what lies ahead.

Southwest Florida’s economy continues to boom, so there is no time to dawdle. This economic boom may be creating a lot of opportunities but it it also creating an environment where construction accidents are a part of life. That means that companies and their employees need to pull together to make sure that they are not contributing to the dangers that are already in existence.

Workers compensation cases are only going to continue to rise. In order for these workers to learn more about what to expect when such cases are filed, there are a few things that they need to know. For starters, those who work in the world of independent contracting are not going to be entitled to the same protection as those who work for an employer.

In order to receive workers compensation, the employer must be willing to sign off. If they are not, this is going to make the process of filing a claim rather problematic. Some construction companies may even attempt to shirk their responsibilities by falsely claiming that their employees are actually independent contractors when they are not.

When instances like these arise, it is time to contact a professional to find out more. It can be be tremendously difficult to prove that one party is at fault or that they are partaking in practices that are designed to lessen their level of responsibility. Taking the proper steps to choose the right employer is key.