Currently, there is a high rate of intersection accidents across South Florida. Some people residing in a neighborhood in Florida are already casting blames on the lack of a functional traffic signal. According to a recent report by FOX4, there is the need for a traffic light at natural points of traffic like Alderman’s Walk Boulevard and Winkler Avenue where residents contend the intersection. This requires more than just having a stop sign.

While speeding accounts for a high rate of accidents in the community, it is evident that installing a traffic light could go a long way in curbing the menace. During peak hours, it is common to see school children in the intersection. Though the city has been urged to take serious action, it is yet to respond to the group’s plea.

Traffic collisions blamed on dangerous intersections in Florida

It is common to experience intersection accidents in Florida. Even when designed properly, these natural points of traffic still pose a great amount of danger. Virtually every personal injury attorney in Florida can understand residents’ plights in Florida, as most areas in South Florida were not designed to accommodate the region’s explosive growth.

Along with explosive growth, poor urban planning has been identified as part of the factors responsible for traffic collisions in Florida. Some of the most dangerous intersections in the area can even be readily identified by regular visitors. These include Daniels Parkway and U.S. 41. But it’s saddening to note that pedestrians are vulnerable to the highest risks of intersection accidents in those areas. Older adults contribute to the highest risk of these accidents in Southwest Florida.

Some common dangerous points of traffic in Florida include Pine Island Road, U.S. 41, College Parkway, Six Mile Cypress, Colonial Boulevard, I-75, Del Prado Boulevard, and Veterans Parkway. The government needs to work with the town planning organizations to make improvements to the alignment of these dangerous intersections.

Just so you know, Florida has 8 of the nation’s 10 deadliest urban areas. While some regions in the state are experimenting with red-light, some are boosting traffic endorsement at some dangerous intersections to curb the menace. Along with the use of sound judgment, it is still very much imperative for every motorist in Florida to pay critical attention to driving rules when plying busy intersections in the state.

There is no need to be impatient in traffic as this can result in a fatal or serious accident. Proper care needs to be exercised to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring on these roads. It is important to note that only an individual motorist cannot handle an intersection accident case as it quite complex. To this end, it is essential to seek the services of a professional personal injury attorney in Florida when involved in a serious intersection collision in Florida.