According to recent studies that have taken place regarding the habits of drunk drivers from state to state, Florida was ranked 14th overall. This is a sign that more work needs to be done. The laws that govern drunk driving in Florida are always going to be of particular interest to a personal injury attorney in Florida.

The battle against drunk driving will continue to rage on and when clients find themselves victimized by these careless motorists, a personal injury attorney in Florida offers the insight needed. To their credit, Florida lawmakers have been working tirelessly to make sure that residents are always kept safe when they are sharing the roadways.

For example, Florida was responsible for passing a law that required those who have been convicted of drunken driving to use an ignition interlocking device. The law did create a certain threshold that needed to be met. All drivers who were convicted for driving with a blood alcohol level of .15 and above are now required to outfit their vehicle with the aforementioned device.

Florida lawmakers have also passed legislation that requires drivers who have been convicted of DUI child endangerment to use the ignition interlock. This is something that repeat offenders must bear in mind when they are in the process of hiring a personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

Past offenses like these are always going to be weighed heavily in a case of this magnitude. Sobriety checkpoints are also being used on a more regular basis in Florida than many other states. Drivers who are found to be operating a motor vehicle under the influence at these locations are typically prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Personal injury attorneys are here to fight for the rights of the drivers who experience accidents and incidents because of another motorist’s negligence. The best attorneys that the state has to offer pride themselves on doing so. These cases tend to be legally complex and the devastation that clients experience can keep them from making the right choices.

Unfortunately, pursuing legal action against a drunk driver is not always as easy as it seems. Liability that may seem obvious to the defendant may not come across as being obvious in a court of law. This is why prospective clients should always rely on the assistance of an experienced attorney.

They have the ability to examine all of the insurance coverage that is associated with the case so that the client receives the compensation that they deserve. Since these cases tend to involve serious injuries and multiple drivers, the presence of an experienced legal representative is critical. As Florida continues to pass more legislation that addresses drunken driving, clients will have more recourse than ever before.


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