While there are many who will contact a personal injury attorney in Florida when they are looking for assistance in the wake of a car accident, there is also a great deal of preventive advice that can be offered. The tires are one of the most important areas of emphasis that must be addressed.

Proper tire care can often serve as the difference between a major accident and a close call. We do not always take the time to monitor the condition of our tires. This is a mistake that is made by a sizable number of Florida motorists.

Motorists who do not pay attention to their tires are often left scrambling once an accident occurs. Has the air pressure been checked on a regular basis? How many times has this task been performed within the last year?

These are questions that need to be answered and a personal injury attorney in Florida can offer the sort of advice that reduces the risk of traffic accidents that are related to summer weather. The tires are the most crucial aspect of this process.

High winds and flooded streets are two of the most common problems that Florida motorists will experience during the summer. The risks only increase if the tires have not been properly maintained. Tires may also be recalled because of safety concerns and this is something that a Florida motorist needs to bear in mind.

If an accident takes place, the level of tire maintenance that the motorist is responsible for will be discussed in a court of law. Payouts are not always provided to clients who are found to have shirked their duties in this regard. There are a number of ways for the case to go awry.

The plaintiff could end up shouldering the blame for their own accident and this is something that is always stressed by a personal injury attorney in Florida. In some cases, the mechanic that is responsible for installing the tires could bear some responsibility if it can be proved that they are improperly mounted or balanced.

An experienced attorney will advise clients to check on their tires regularly. The size and type must match the vehicle for maximum driving safety. This is especially important for used car owners whose tires may not serve as a perfect complement to the vehicle. Tire pressure is also something to monitor.

Last but not least, wear and tear accumulates quickly. Regular tire rotations and proper balancing is a must. If there are sidewall bulges or noticeable wire mesh, this means that a replacement is going to be needed as soon as possible. Do not make the mistake of ignoring these all too common warning signs.


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