Families do a lot of cleaning, re-organizing, and decoration in the wake of spring all over the country, especially in Florida. As beautiful as this ritual is, many things can go wrong. Children and adults could suffer burns, bruises, and other serious injuries. Every 30 minutes, children get hurt as a result of furniture tipping and sustain several degrees of injuries as a result. Furniture tipping can be prevented when certain precautionary measures are in place. As your Florida Personal Injury Attorney, below are some of such spring-cleaning safety measures. It is strongly suggested that you adhere to them as you go about re-arranging your house this season.

It has been observed that children are mostly hit by falling televisions when they are placed on surfaces other than their stands.

To that end, it is recommended that all flat-screened television sets be mounted on walls and not placed on tables or other furniture. Also, avoid or recycle those bulky CRT TVs. They could cause serious injuries and even death. However, if you do not have a TV stand, ensure that the furniture you are using can carry the weight of the Television. As you clean the house, remember that children love climbing. Do not place toys or anything that could arouse their interest on the furniture.

Dressers can cause injuries and death to children when they fall over. To prevent this, you need to buy and install an anti-tip device. This very affordable device comes in different styles such as straps and brackets and could weigh as much as 200 pounds.

The good news is that most new dressers already have anti-tip devices.

Although children are prone to get injured from furniture tip-overs in times like these, they are not the only ones affected.

Cleaning is one physical activity that can be exhausting as it is characterized by digging, planting gardens, lawn mowing, etc. As you clean, it is important to stay hydrated. Do not forget to take breaks.

Use this period to update everything in your house. Your Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors should be in good shape. To prevent air pollution, you can change the filter on AC units or furnaces. Air pollution is another issue, so changing the filters on AC units or furnaces can help to conceal some indoor pollutants you are breathing in. Your fire extinguisher and first aid kit should be kept handy in case of emergencies.

‘Spring-cleaning’ is usually fun. Families can have great times bonding and working together. As you have a nice time beautifying your house, do not forget the precautionary measures aimed at preventing serious injuries, making your home safe and enjoyable. If you need a Personal Injury attorney in Florida to attend to your lifestyle questions don’t hesitate to ask.