As hurricanes and tropical storms continue to descend upon South Florida, there are a number of weather-related concerns that need to be addressed. The dangers that are present on the road this time of year can lead to any number of future issues. A Jupiter or Port St Lucie Florida auto accident attorney is able to help their clients make sense of it all.

Crashes are a common occurrence in South Florida.  Add inclement weather to mix and it can create havoc on the roadways.  That’s why it is important to have a Florida injury attorney on hand. They have the necessary understanding and can provide their clients with the necessary insights.


South Florida Weather Risks and Car Accidents

Tropical storms and hurricanes are usually discussed at this time of year, but what happens when South Florida residents don’t consider how these weather patterns can affect the roadways? Let’s take a closer look at some of the weather scenarios that take place during times like these. These types of occurrences can lead to serious or even fatal injuries in many instances.

Reduction In Visibility

When the rains get heavy, a driver’s visibility is severely reduced. If severe weather is taking place, the driver is encouraged to pull off to the side of the road. Driving at much slower speeds may seem like a viable solution, and it is obviously wise to drive cautiously in the rain.  However, this can also cause an increase the number of rear-end collisions that are going to take place. Waiting it out is usually in the best interests of any South Florida driver.

Standing Water

Even when the rains have passed, standing water is still an issue for many drivers. If a motorist cannot see the roadway in front of them, they should not be driving through any standing water. All it takes is a few feet of standing water for a vehicle to become stranded or float off of the roadway entirely.

Avoiding Canals

If the driver makes their way into a canal, the experience can turn deadly. That’s why it is important to roll the window down, take off your seatbelt and get away as quickly as possible. If the window becomes inoperable, break it open with a blunt object if necessary.

Lightning Strikes

Many South Florida residents are not aware of the prevalence of lightning strikes in the region. In fact, South Florida is considered to be the lightning strike capital of the country. Event organizers are left to keep patrons safe during various events. While there are lightning warning systems available at most locations, all outdoor event hosts must work overtime to ensure continued safety for their attendees.