Personal injury claims are one of the most common lawsuits property owners face today. Unfortunately most times the fault lies in the improper maintenance of property surroundings leading to incidents like the slip and falls. Therefore the responsibility falls on you as a property owner or manager to be vigilant and ensure that all preventive measures are taken against personal injury on your property.

Common Causes Of Personal Injury

1.) Icy or Slick Sidewalks: As a personal injury attorney, this is one of the most common causes of injury claims. Sidewalks are accessible to a lot of people, so property owners should be careful to clean and clear the area as often and quickly as possible. Harsh weather can leave behind snow or ice on sidewalks that can easily cause a slip and fall.

2.) Jagged surfaces and broken steps: Every city has a guideline of the proper height for an uneven surface or damage to sidewalks. If the damages to your property are not by the city’s guidelines, then you might be opening yourself up to a personal injury suit. Every home or organization should ensure that their sidewalks and steps are repaired and safe for pedestrians to walk.

Other usual causes of personal injury claims include the poor lighting of the surroundings, inadequate security, broken handrails, raised carpets, fallen or misplaced objects, lack of proper fencing, and unsalted or unshoveled lots.

How to prevent personal injury claims

1.) Regularly inspect your property: This is the first advice any personal injury attorney will give. It’s common for homeowners to leave their properties neglected for long periods. Walk through your property daily or weekly and thoroughly inspect every aspect of it for potential dangers.

2.) Check the landscape: Look for things like dead branches that could fall on someone, holes dug up by animals, a pool of water gathered in an area, cracks, potholes, rough surfaces, speed bumps, and more. Regardless of how obvious it may seem, put a yellow tape or spray yellow paint around such areas warning pedestrians or visitors of the danger. Fix the problem as soon as possible.

3.) Secure the pool: Pools may be fun and a huge attraction for individuals, but it is also one of the most common sites of personal injuries. The pool deck should not be slippery, place a warning sign for swimmers to not dive into the pool, hire a certified lifeguard(s), and finally put a sign warning pool users to swim at their own risk.

If you are involved in a personal injury suit, it is important to consult a personal injury attorney (defense attorney) as soon as possible and document every detail such as repairs date, warning signs, and pictures of the incident.