Falls are common injuries experienced by many people today. As a matter of fact, these accidents can happen anywhere both at work and even on someone else’s property. The best way to ensure that your rights are protected is by properly understanding the legal issues surrounding such accidents. While there are several types of slip and fall accidents, it is important to understand that having a personal injury attorney in Florida to protect your rights is key in presenting your case.


Understanding Premises Liability
It is the responsibility of operators or owners of publicly used properties (such as apartment complexes, office buildings, amusement parks, grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, etc. ) to ensure that such places are safely maintained at all times. Owners or operators of premises on which negligence-proven injuries occur can be held liable for failure to meet their legal responsibility to ensure safe maintenance of a public place.

Just so you know, negligence involves more than just being injured on someone else’s property even when the injury occurred at a time when unsafe conditions existed. Negligence can only be ascertained when the owner or operator of the property is fully aware of the unsafe state of the premises and failed to make them safe for public use.
Handling premises liability can be quite complicated as there aren’t always clear circumstances surrounding slip and fall. To this end, it becomes essentially imperative to consult an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida when you or a loved one is injured due to a slip and fall accident that occurred on someone else’s property.


What You Need To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

It can be embarrassing to engage in a slip and fall accident but sustaining serious injuries as a result of the fall can be even more perplexing. The way you handle the aftermath of such an event can determine the type of protection and compensation you’ll receive regardless of the severity of the accident. Here are some helpful tips to guide you:

  • -Seek medical assistance immediately.
  •  Let the proper manager or owner know about the accident.
  •  If possible, get eye witness reports or information.
  • Take photos of the accident scene.
  •  Ensure to record your communications with the property manager or owner.
  •  Safely guard every document or receipt of bills relating to the injuries.
  •  Don’t rant in the public or on social media about taking legal action.
  •  Don’t sign any document provided by the property manager or operator without your lawyer’s consent.
  •  File a claim against the responsible party under the guidance of a slip and fall attorney.

The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney In Florida

There are several factors that can lead to a slip and fall accident on any premises which can lead to a range of problems. To this end, it is best to seek the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands what it means to be involved in a slip and fall accident. This alone can go a long way in helping to boost your chances of getting a fair settlement.