Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of traffic collisions in Florida and in the nation at large. According to recent reports, over 3,172 road deaths recorded in 2016 occurred in Florida in which 1,342 involved a drunk driver. As a matter of fact, there is a higher risk of accidents on the road when a driver is intoxicated with alcohol. Apart from slowing reaction time, alcohol is also capable of dulling the senses.

A woman was recently arrested in Florida when she drove through the marked crime scene of a fatal injury crash. According to authorities, her action which almost led to a secondary accident was considered inappropriate. She was duly charged with drunk driving after being discovered to be intoxicated with alcohol. Only an experienced Florida car accident lawyer can successfully represent those injured or killed in collisions that occur as a result of drunk driving.

In Florida, drivers or motorists are not expected to exceed the nationwide legal blood-alcohol limit of .08, as anything above this can lead to serious accidents. Apart from drunkenness, it is important to note that there are other prevailing factors that could increase the risks of a collision on the road. These include unusual road conditions and distracted driving.

These driving behaviors are capable enough to increase collision risks and cause fatal road accidents. In some cases, a collision can occur when a driver comes up against unusual driving or road conditions. Most times, collisions occur due to the poor driving decisions many drivers make behind the wheel.

Some common factors that can increase the risk of a traffic collision include a reaction to actions caused by a vehicle breakdown, exterior distractions, pedestrian behaviors in parking lots, poor driving or other unsafe drivers. Other factors include poor visibility, bad weather, confusion caused at intersections, road construction, sharp bends or detours, backed up traffic at intersections, and traffic accidents.

Interestingly, these factors can be easily avoided when a driven is alert and fully conscious. However, they can become more of a risk particularly when an intoxicated or distracted driver gets on the scene. A secondary accident can only occur when a primary accident has already taken place. Most times, these accidents can occur due to an outside distraction, confusing detours, or backed up traffic.

When such accidents occur, your Florida car accident lawyer may view them as complicated cases particularly from a legal standpoint. While an insurance company may argue that a secondary collision wouldn’t have taken place if it wasn’t for the initial collision, they may want to put all the blame on the at-fault driver. The best way to overcome these challenges is to make a timely claim. Just so you know the experience of a personal injury law firm in Florida will be very helpful at this point.