While Florida is not always associated with the concept of winter driving and winter driving related mishaps, taking the time to conduct an annual winter driving review can save you from having to contact an accident attorney in your area to assist you when larger problems begin to take place.

Unfortunately, inclement conditions are an unavoidable part of winter that keeps many drivers from being able to handle the Florida roads in the same manner that they have become accustomed to. These conditions can certainly diminish the amount of time we spend at the beach or having cookouts, but we will still need to use our automobiles at the same level of frequency.

We are never too old to have an honest review of our driving skills and by doing so, we can keep accidents at bay and also keep ourselves from having to contact a Florida accident attorney. For starters, you will want to mind the amount of distance that you are keeping between yourself and your fellow drivers.

When Florida roads get slippery, maintaining the proper level of space is crucial. Most of us have already learned the 2 second rule when we first began to drive, but when conditions are particularly inclement, it is in your best interests to amend this rule and change it to a four to five second cushion.

Normal driving conditions are also cause for ignoring speed limits and while you might consider yourself a safe enough driver to get away with not following basic traffic laws, this is not recommendable when the winter weather has become a factor.

The conditions that you are driving in should determine your actions during the winter season, as opposed to your opinion of your own driving skills. By operating your vehicle at a rate that is below the speed limit when the weather is poor, you are providing yourself with a greater ability to control your vehicle should you need to brake suddenly.

You will also need to ask yourself some pointed questions about your own driving ability and your chances of successfully handling certain weather conditions. There is a certain misconception that all accidents are caused by drivers who are overly aggressive, but this is a major misnomer, as they can also be caused by drivers who are nervous and unable to handle inclement weather.

Florida drivers must band together and make a conscious decision to drive in the proper manner during the winter season. There is no place that we need to be or time commitment that is too pressing, so be sure to take all of the time that you need to practice proper driving safety, for the greater good of the world around you.