Florida is a state that is already known for a high volume of automobile accidents. Now that the holiday season is upon us and early darkness occurs on a daily basis, these accidents can take place at an even greater rate. Increased awareness is key.


Road safety advocates and personal injury attorneys in Jupiter are coming together to make sure that Florida motorists remain safe this holiday season. There are also a wide range of visitors who make their way to the Sunshine State each holiday season. They must be sure to provide themselves with the right protection as well.

Let’s take a closer look at the risks that are associated with the holiday season, so that motorists in the South Florida region can ensure their safety, as well as the safety of others.

These are the common scenarios that cause accidents to take place during this time of year:

Distracted Driving:

With so much to see and do during the holiday season, distracted driving is a common issue that must be avoided at all costs. There are also going to be a wide range of motorists in the area who are in from out of town and do not know exactly where they are headed. Pay close attention at all times. Yield to those who have the right-of-way and avoid the urge to talk on the phone while driving, to text or otherwise be distracted.

Aggressive Driving:

Personal injury attorneys in Jupiter are always going to advise any client against the dangers that are associated with aggressive driving. We all have places to be, but no one’s journey is any more or less important than the next persons. Speeding is a typical form of aggression. However, following too closely and failure to use turn signals are also major issues that crop up during the holidays.

Drunk Driving:

This should go without saying, but those who have had too many eggnog beverages will want to make sure that they are utilizing ride-share services or designated drivers. Buzzed driving is considered drunk driving. There is no excuse to get behind the wheel after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Bicyclists and Pedestrians:

These citizens are often struck by drivers who are not taking the proper precautions. Since Florida leads the nation in accidents of this nature, it is important for drivers to take the necessary precautions on the roadways. Pay close attention to tourist areas and residential areas.

Motorcycle Riders:

The seasonable conditions allow for more motorcycle riders, and they must be accounted for as well. The winter riding season is longer here than it is in other regions, so drivers must remain on high alert. Northern visitors must also pay close attention, since they are probably not used to seeing this many motorcycle riders during their daily travels.


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