A recently published work in Florida shows that infectious diseases are increasing daily especially among children. Statistics has it that out of every five children under the ages of 18 years in Florida, three have been admitted to hospitals before. It is also observed that when these kids are given antibiotics, and their body rejects these antibiotics due to common infections. This has made children be at a higher risk of living with untreated infections unlike before.

When antibiotics repel, it means the tablets won’t be able to kill or manage the rate at which the bacteria is growing. This means that the bacteria won’t accept treatments but will keep multiplying and spreading all over the body, and if appropriate measures are not put in place, these bacteria can cause medical complications which can result in death.

This study in Florida involved forty-eight children hospitals in the country and spanned eight years. During that time around 110,000 children were discovered to be living with infections caused by Enterobacteriaceae, studies show that this bacteria resists antibiotics treatment.

Enterobacteriacaea’s family are pathogens Salmonella, E. coli and a host of others. Children who have Enterobacteriaceae infections usually stay longer in the hospital, unlike children who have treatable infections (the ones that antibiotics work for). When admitted to a hospital it is always safe to get treated as quick as possible and leave because the longer you stay in the hospital it might increase the chances of you having more complex infections due to the environment.

The study shows that one of the main factors contributing to these infections in children depend on how frequently these antibiotics are used. Another research has it that these antibiotics are being misused (one reason why the drugs don’t work when they should work). Do you know that out of every 1000 people seeking for treatment, doctors prescribe 842 antibiotics to them?

In Essence, taking antibiotics when you are not meant to use them can be very harmful to the body. Sometimes doctors prescribe wrong medications (which can be termed as medical malpractice) this can be as a result of physicians giving treatments before the arrival of the test results, or perhaps some patients take unprescribed drugs to do away with symptoms fast.

There are dangers when you fail to take the whole dose of antibiotics or when you use the remains of the prescription. To kill all the bacterium you have to take the doctor’s prescription of the antibiotics seriously because the untreated bacterium can become repellent if you decide to treat it in the future.

Are you aware that animals that produce food are given these antibiotics to enable them to get fatter and to treat diseases or infections? This is more reason why animals have antibiotic resistance, and as a result, bacterium grows in their body which can be contagious.

It is discovered that children are prone to the resistance of antibiotics because of their gender, some medical conditions, age and lot more.

Children’s immune systems are not as active as that of adults which is another reason why they are at a higher risk. What is not clear to most researchers is why antibiotic-resistant children are increasing at a fast rate. Some have concluded that physicians may diagnose the wrong infection and offer wrong treatment thus amounting to medical malpractice. Personal injury attorneys can help you if your kid has been a victim of medical practice.

Bottom Line

The rate in which antibiotic resistance is increasing among children should be a thing of concern because it is causing more harm than good. It has made treatable infections now untreatable. It is advisable for to use antibiotics only when necessary and also consult your doctor before using any medication. Contact the nearest personal injury attorneys for a few consultation if you have suffered medical malpractice.


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