While a lot of people in Florida look forward to Christmas season because of parties, celebrations, and reunion that come with it, you need to be careful because the number of DUI accidents increases during the period []. A drunk driver is not only endangering his life, he is also a threat to other road users.

Regardless of how you want to see it, consumption of beer and other alcoholic drinks have become a symbol of celebration in Florida and other parts of the United States. No season encounters more celebration than the Christmas season. And when there is increase in alcohol consumption, this leads to an increase in DUI cases.

Reasons for Increase in DUI accidents during Christmas season

The main cause of increase in DUI driving during Christmas is increase in alcohol consumption [] and here are the common reasons for the increase.

End of the year parties

A lot of end-of-the-year parties are organized by many organizations during the season. It is needless to remind you that virtually all parties are laden with heavy alcohol consumption. Sometimes some party attendees who know they are going to be driving find it difficult to resist the temptation of taking alcohol. So, they consume some beer with the belief that one or two cans of beer cannot have much impact on them.

Family reunion

Different families usually come together at this time and believe it, seeing some of your family members that you have not seen in months or years may make you lose your sense of caution. So, people consume as much beer as they can. And some of these people get behind the wheel after the binge drinking. Unfortunately, when you are tipsy, you will still think you are in full control of yourself.

Form of relaxation

Some people consume alcohol as a form of relaxation or to de-stress themselves. Of course, consuming a few cans of beer can get you relaxed. There is no problem with that. Getting behind the wheel after taking some alcoholic drinks is the problem. A lot of former alcohol addicts relapse during these season because they face their toughest temptations during the Christmas season. They come in contact with alcohol in most places.

Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Florida and other ways to protect yourself from DUI accidents

While you may not be able to do anything about the trend, you can only apply a few tips to protect yourself. Accidents happen mostly in the night because of poor visibility, so you need to reduce your night trips.

Anytime you are on the road, watch out for any motorists that makes a funny move like dangerous swerving. In fact, you should expect motorists whose indicator points to the right to turn left. Furthermore, if you are on a bike, you have to be double careful because bike riders usually sustain more injuries when they collide with motorists.

If you or any of your loved ones encounter a motorcycle accident, you may need to consult a motorcycle accident attorney in Florida to get your due compensation. The accident may render you incapacitated and you may no longer be able to work. In that case, a motorcycle accident attorney in Florida will help you to get your due compensation.