Florida’s beautiful weather allows for a great deal of motorcycle riding. However, it also creates an environment where accidents are more likely to take place. Deadly motorcycle accidents happen on a regular basis and residents are left wondering about their level of recourse.

How a Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Helpmotorcycle-accident-lawyer

A motorcycle accident lawyer lets their clients know about a few important factors. For starters, even the best motorcycle riders are placing themselves in severe danger every time they drive on a crowded road. The driver may have an advanced skill level when it comes to their bike, but they are still at the mercy of all the other drivers on the road.

Motorcycles are simply never going to be safer than the average automobile, no matter how hard we try. The chances of dying in a motorcycle accident are significantly higher than the chances of dying in an automobile accident. The numbers are not even close. The chances of dying in a motorcycle are roughly 1 in 800, whereas the odds of an automobile accident are around 1 in 18,000.

Florida’s History of Motorcycle Accidents

Did you know that Florida is actually the national leader when it comes to motorcycle accidents? The current lack of helmet laws is often blamed for these issues. There is a sizable amount of confusion and discord when it comes to these laws and some believe that Florida is lagging behind the rest of the nation as a result.

How To Remain Safe While Riding

Florida residents who would like to take their bike out for a spin are able to avoid calamities by taking certain precautions. For starters, you will need to wear a helmet. There are no exceptions, and even if an accident takes place through no fault of your own, your legal recourse is often limited when you do not take the time to wear a helmet.

Any and all distractions must be placed to the side. Texting and driving is a massive no-no. Remain alert and be sure to keep some distance between you and your fellow motorists. This provides a necessary buffer zone, should an unexpected accident take place. Remain visible at all times and avoid blind spots that will cause drivers to potentially collide with your chopper.

Friends and loved ones must also be educated on the ins and outs of motorcycle safety. Do not make the mistake of assuming that a loved one is already well studied. In addition to making sure that their level of knowledge is up to par, the owner of the bike must also commit themselves to their own continuing education. Even the most seasoned vets out there can get something out of a much needed refresher course!


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