Injuries may be severe and emotions high when you are involved in a car accident. No doubt, this situation can be very scary but what really matters is the way you handle it. It is best you keep calm as your actions can affect the reimbursement process from your car insurance company.

So how do you deal with a truck accident that results in an injury? Here is a list of things that can possibly be done after an auto accident.

Don’t leave the scene

Until it is appropriate to leave the scene, it is best you remain (stay) at the accident site. You can face serious criminal penalties and might even be considered as a hit-and-run driver should you decide to leave the scene. This is common in a scene where a person has been killed or sustained serious injuries.

Call the appropriate emergency service

No matter what happens, it is highly important that you call appropriate emergency services. You can easily get connected to EMS, fire rescue or the police by calling 911. An EMS can treat acute medical needs right on the scene should there be need for an immediate medical attention.

Whether it is a motorcycle accident or an auto crash, it is important to get the right emergency services informed as this can help to prevent the accident and other damages from escalating. Do not hesitate to call and report the accident or any injuries to 911 if the wreck occurred on someone else’s premises or away from your home.

Get information

Ensure to get the basic insurance information, license plate numbers, drivers’ license numbers, addresses, phone numbers and names from every driver around. Also, obtain the names, addresses, and numbers of any passenger around. Try as much as possible to be cordial and cooperative when talking to these people.

Keep your insurance company informed

Don’t give up if you are not contented with the way your insurance company valued your vehicle. Obtain two independent replacement quotes or repair estimates before setting out to get a property damage valuation. Do not hesitate to contact an accident attorney if you cannot agree on your car’s value.

Consider hiring an accident attorney

Consult an experienced personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach if you found anyone to be injured in the accident. If you are at fault an attorney can help you defend yourself. However, note that you can effectively maximize your recovery if you hire one. Many lawyers receive settlements or fees only when their clients have been awarded damages. This is known as a contingency fee.

Even if it is a slip and fall accident, as long as an injury is involved, you lawyer can help you get compensation.


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