National Fall Prevention Week is a crucial week for older adults who reside in the South Florida and Treasure Coast regions, including Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and Port St. Lucie. There are a number of injuries that can take place as the result of slips and falls, with head injuries and joint (hip) injuries being the most common. The National Safety Council and other various outlets are looking to spread the word to try to prevent the injuries and deaths that occur due to falls.


Tragically, older adults die as a result of falls on a startlingly regular basis in the United States. In fact, statistics show that falls are currently the leading cause of death for elderly Americans. Indeed, deaths from falls occur every 20 minutes in the United States. While a younger victim might be able to bounce back more easily from a fall, falls are often fatal for older adults.  Also, older adults are far more prone to lasting injuries as compared to younger people.

South Florida Fall Injury Liability

According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 29 million elderly people will fall this year.  Of this amount, over 800,000 older adults will experience an extended hospital visit as the result of their injuries. These falls are particularly prevalent in nursing homes and other assisted living facilities.  This is disconcerting news for families who rely on these facilities to reduce the risks that their loved ones are going to experience as they age.

In addition to health care facilities, property owners and businesses also have a responsibility to protect their customers from these types of injuries. Restaurants, shopping malls and movie theaters are chief among them.   There are various Florida laws that are designed to govern these injuries and a top notch Florida injury attorney is always more than happy to explain them.  Health care facilities and business establishments owe special duties to residents, visitors and invitees to keep their premises in a safe manner free from dangerous conditions. When a property or business owner created the condition or has knowledge of the condition, they may face liability for the injuries that occur due to that dangerous condition.

Fall Prevention Tips

Senior citizens who would like to avoid slip and fall accidents are first urged to receive an annual vision check. Be sure to monitor the home and remove any potential hazards. Keeping walkways clear is an absolute must. Tubs and showers should be equipped with grab bars, so that senior citizens can avoid any hard falls on unforgiving surfaces. Well-lit outdoor walking areas are also crucial. If the senior citizen requires walking assistance, canes and walkers should be obtained and always utilized.

CDC self-assessments are also a helpful tool in times like these. Those who wish to learn more about Fall Injury Prevention Week are welcome to contact an injury attorney in South Florida who already has experience in this regard. All it takes are a few preventive measures to potentially save a life.


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