Now that the school year has started, a personal injury attorney in Florida has a number of concerns that need to be addressed. For starters, the amount of teen drivers that are on the road will increase dramatically. In addition to these concerns, a Florida injury attorney must also consider the number of pedestrians and bicyclists that will clog the roads.

Experienced attorneys are here to provide all of the necessary tips and pointers when it comes to pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Unfortunately, this advice only becomes more and more important when you stop to consider the sheer number of accidents that take place during the fall months.

The roads become overly clogged and this leads to several avoidable mistakes. Drivers can take a few simple precautions that allow them to steer clear of such issues (pun certainly intended). Even something as simple as taking a few minutes to check the roadways to make sure that there are no riders or pedestrians in your path is incredibly important.

So what else can we do to help keep the roadways safe in the years to come? The Florida Department of Transportation is here to offer the necessary guidance. Drivers who are not watching for children when they are in a school zone will need to change their ways immediately. Since children tend be more difficult to see, it is important for drivers to travel through school zones at the proper rate of speed so that they are not placing students at risk.

The speed limit also needs to be obeyed and rolling stops should always be avoided at all costs. All it takes is one momentary blip to change the lives of a driver and a pedestrian forever. That is why personal injury attorneys in Florida preach about the importance of remaining cautious at all times behind the wheel of a car.

Crossing guards also play a crucial role in these instances. The job that they have is a very important one and we need to work together with crossing guards to make sure that our children remain safe. Obey their warnings and be sure to pay close attention to their signage. There are also temporary traffic control devices that need to be considered so do not forget about this signage, either.

Authorized areas need to be respected, also. This is especially important when children are in the process of being picked up or dropped off. Fender benders and other accidents that take place in these instances are not looked upon kindly in a court of law. By taking the time to exercise caution during this coming school year, we are all doing our part to ensure each other’s continued safety.


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