Amazon’s next day delivery services might allow South Florida and Treasure Coast residents to get their hands on certain items more quickly, but these services do come with various downsides. Amazon now finds themselves under fire, as the number of traffic collisions that are caused by these services continues to rise.


The Internet juggernaut continues to elude liability for these accidents as well. However, the company is already experiencing the consequences that their drivers have wrought. One Amazon driver was even recently charged with reckless homicide in Chicago.

So how can Amazon avoid responsibility for what is taking place? The answer is simple: by pinning the accidents on third-party vendors. Amazon is well known for hiring independent startup companies to deliver packages on their behalf.  Now, the media has begun to uncover evidence of a corrosive culture that places a high level of emphasis on speed….at the expense of safety.

Amazon gains a wide range of advantages from these relationships, and the immunity that is granted in such instances is chief among them. Fortunately, a personal injury attorney in Florida can help a client that is looking to make sense of it all.

Delivery Accident Liability

A personal injury attorney in Port St. Lucie, Florida offers the necessary protection, while providing the client with key information.

Amazon Flex has an insurance policy that is supposed to offer the drivers the necessary protection. These policies can extend up to $1 million.  There are serious doubts, however, as to whether these drivers are actually being afforded that coverage. Cases like these can also go awry when the private auto insurance provider decides not to honor the policy because the driver is working on a for-hire basis. There are no shortage of legal issues that are going to stem from these policies and South Florida and Treasure Coast Florida residents must remain aware.

At the moment, there are a patchwork of regulations that are applied from state to state. Federal regulations have been put into place as well. These rules are often going to depend on the level of control that can be exerted over the carrier in question. Plaintiff attorneys are able to use this information when they are fighting for injured victims and their families.

The company has been known to act in a heavy handed manner at times like these. If the case is believed to involve an independent contractor, Amazon will do everything in their power to minimize their responsibility. Lyft and Uber have also begun to experience similar issues.

The public deserves protection from the accidents that are caused by these drivers and a personal injury attorney in Florida is happy to provide it. Be sure to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and Port St. Lucie when necessary.