A great deal of ink has been spilled about the gun epidemic that is taking place in America at the present moment. A Personal Injury Attorney can help, however, there is another major issue that still has yet to be discussed at length: the prevalence of faulty firearms.

The story of Jarred Brown serves as a sad example. His pistol was safely secured in his hip holster when it unexpectedly went off on his family’s back porch. A .45 caliber slug tore through his femoral artery and he was dead by the time emergency medical personnel had arrived.

Jarred had not even touched the gun when it went off. This inspired his loved ones to take a closer look at what had taken place. The gun in question was a Taurus PT-145 Millennium Pro pistol. They soon learned that these guns had a habit of firing on their own. Even after several lawsuits had been fired, no recall was issued.

Pro gun groups and lobbyists are typically able to block meaningful legislation before it ever has a chance to take place. This is a major issue. Worst of all, there are no other consumer products that can cause these sorts of issues without a recall taking place. For example, could you imagine the same scenario with a kitchen appliance? Or a child’s toy?

Of course not. Gun companies are not motivated by the injuries that take place. Their sole motivation is the bottom line. Florida clients that are looking to file lawsuits that are associated with defective firearms face an uphill battle as a result.

When these injuries happen, the courts are going to have certain questions to ask. First, they are going to want to know the injury took place. If it can be proven that the injury took place because of improper care on the client’s part, the case is tossed out before it ever has a chance to make it to a courtroom.

If the weapon is proven to have been used in the proper manner, the client can then file a liability lawsuit. There are three ways that these products can cause damage:

Marketing Defects

A gun needs to be marketed in the correct manner. If a potential defect or dangerous quality is not announced to the customer beforehand, the client may have a case.

Manufacturing Defects

In some cases, the gun itself may not have any safety defects but there could be a manufacturing flaw. If so, this is the sort of defect that is grounds for a lawsuit.

Design Defects

If an injury has taken place and it can be proven that this injury would have been avoided with a better design, these design defects are also grounds for a liability lawsuit.

If you or a loved one in the state of Florida has experienced an injury caused by a faulty firearm, be sure to contact a personal injury attorney who is experienced with such cases. They will let you know more about the options that are available.