When you are planning a cruise, it is important to take the time to research certain aspects of the decision. For example, does the cruise line have lifeguards? Now that fatal tragedies have taken place due to a lack of lifeguards, more and more citizens are starting to question this practice.

This is especially important now that the winter is upon us and more people are planning their warm weather getaways. Choosing the right cruise is what keeps South Florida residents from having to contact a personal injury attorney. It is important to remember that the risk factors remain real.

Personal Injury Attorney: Cruise Ship Accident

What Advice Does a Personal Injury Attorney Have To Offer?

One of the biggest issues that parents face is the aforementioned lack of lifeguards. Many cruise ships do not hire lifeguards, even though there are pools on board. Unfortunately, this places the onus on the parent. Young children are going to want to swim eventually and parents cannot rely on lifeguards to make sure that their little ones remain safe.

A parent cannot simply assume that they will be able to summon an attorney if their children experience severe injuries or drowning in these pools. Many cruise ships cover themselves from a liability standpoint by posting signs in front of these pools. The signs are meant to warn people and serve as a way for cruise chips to steer clear of costly lawsuits. Parents need to maintain a watchful eye at all times.

How Can Kids Be Kept Safe?

Maintaining constant supervision is of the utmost importance but there are other steps that need to be taken. The American Red Cross also advises parents to utilize a second set of eyes when possible, such as a spouse or a close friend. Do not allow the second set of eyes to become a distraction to your little one, though.

If the child has not taken any swimming lessons before the cruise, this is the perfect time to schedule some. Do not allow a child who is an inexperienced swimmer to learn on the fly. Parents must also take the time to equip their little ones with the corrective protective equipment. A parent should sit down to talk to their child about the potential dangers as well.

When no clear rules are established regarding pool conduct, this is when accidents and incidents take place. While a child cannot be trusted to monitor themselves, they can certainly be trusted to follow the rules that have been put into place by their parents before the cruise is taken. If any sort of accident or incident takes place on the cruise ship, be sure to contact an experienced legal representative as soon as possible to find out more about the options available.