When it comes to making sure that your children remain safe and sound in the Florida region, injury prevention [] is key. But there are certain injuries that cannot be avoided. A Florida injury attorney can assist and parents must also remain vigilant when it comes to matters like these.

How Can A Florida Injury Attorney Help?

The best injury attorneys are able to lay out all of the potential pitfalls, so that clients can remain proactive. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common injuries that take place so that adults can do everything in their power to help their little ones avoid them:


Newborns and infants are at higher risk of suffocation than their older counterparts. Make sure that your little ones are not being placed anywhere near an object that could potentially cause them to suffocate. Plastic bags definitely fall under this category.

Sports Related Injuries

A child is always going to experience certain injuries while playing sports. That is why parents must take the time to learn more about the proper preventive [] tactics. Otherwise, their child may experience a horrific sports injury without taking the time to seek medical treatment.


Children will often find their way into a medicine cabinet and this leads to poisoning. Make sure that the medicine cabinet is always being monitored and do not allow your children to access toxic chemicals.

Slips and Falls

Every child is going to slip and fall at some point. It is just a question of how serious the damages will be. Children are always going to enjoy climbing. It is up to the parents to keep a watchful eye. For children who are under the age of 15, falls are actually the most common injury.

Keep the home safe and remove any sort of clutter that could lead to a fall. Playgrounds should also be chosen wisely. Let your children play where there are bouncy surfaces designed to reduce impact. Helmets should also be worn during any biking expedition.


Florida children certainly have a great deal of access to water. This makes them more prone to drowning than others. For children who are between the ages of 1 and 4, this is the single most common cause of death in Florida. It does not matter if the water is shallow. Parents still need to remain vigilant at all times.

Be sure to contact a local Florida attorney if there are any further questions about child injury prevention. All it takes is a moment of thought to prevent a lifetime of regret. Florida attorneys are also on hand to ensure a parents’ ability to receive the proper settlement. Don’t ever make the mistake of trying to handle a case of this nature on your own.