When school starts again, there are a number of worries that need to be addressed in a timely fashion. Parents who reside in Florida are equal parts excited and worried. While a personal injury attorney can provide certain warnings about back to school car crashes, this is a reality that parents have to live through every day?

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

A personal injury attorney can offer assistance once an accident or incident has already taken place and they can also provide useful advice that is designed to be used in a more proactive way. Children under the age of 18 are at risk. Of all the under 18 unintentional injury deaths in 2016, 25 percent were caused by motor vehicles.

The following guide is here to keep kids safe. Read on to learn more about the best ways to avoid these types of accidents in the future….

Watch The Drop Off Zone

The National Safety Council [] stresses the importance of making sure that parents are paying close attention to their schools’ drop off procedures. There is no double parking allowed in any school zone, children should not be dropped off across the street and carpools are always encouraged. These rules tend to be the same across the board.

Walking With Intention

Kids need to be taught certain walking tips. Do not make the mistake of assuming that they already know better. For example, the child should always look both ways before they cross the street. Any and all headphones or devices should never be used [].

The child must walk slowly and maintain the proper level of intention. It is not the driver’s responsibility to scan the parking lot and make sure that no children is present. It is the child’s responsibility to make eye contact with the drivers, so that their presence is felt.

What Can Adults Do?

Adults should also be taking a high level of initiative. For example, if your child is walking to school each day….you should be taking the walk with them at least once. This is your chance to make sure that there are crossing guards stationed in all of the necessary spots.

Children under 10 typically should not be allowed to walk to school alone. Parents who are unable to accompany their little ones are urged to take the time to find an older student or local adult who is willing to assist.

Lastly, make sure to have an emergency plan in place if the child is injured. Let them know the importance of gathering license plate numbers. The authorities (and your attorney) stand a far better chance of helping your little one if they can provide a clear account of the accident.