Now that Tesla crashes are taking place in Florida on a regular basis, there are a wide range of questions about their causes and the legal implications surrounding them. Indeed, accidents of this nature have increasingly occurred over the past few years, leaving Florida residents wondering about their legal recourse.


The answer to questions about these crashes may not be as straightforward as some may think. Who is going to be held responsible for these crashes?How can a personal injury and product liability attorney in Fort Pierce, Florida help?

The Trouble with Tesla

Many of the recent issues that are associated with Tesla crashes are thought to perhaps be derived from the Autopilot function. This feature became available in 2014, with the capabilities increasing year to year. In its simplest terms, Autopilot is supposed to regulate driving and keep the motorist from experiencing any sort of unwanted accident or incident. Autopilot is apparently designed to work without any additional input from the driver.

However, questions have arisen as to how well Autopilot works under certain circumstances. Also, injured parties are questioning how the Autopilot function may have contributed to a crash.

How Can A Fort Pierce Personal Injury Attorney Help Out?

An experienced Product Liability attorney can help investigate these types of crashes and claims that may apply. There are different types of product liability claims in Florida. Some examples include the following:

Failure to Warn

If the company that is responsible for manufacturing the vehicle has reason to believe that motorists could be in danger and fails to warn them, this could cause the manufacturer to be held responsible. This is especially true in cases where it can be proved that the company had prior knowledge.

Defective Manufacturing

Let’s say that a part was damaged during the process of manufacturing. If this part can be tied to the accident in any way, the client may be entitled to some form of financial compensation if they sustain a serious, significant injury or loss of a loved one due to a manufacturing defect.

Defective Design

When the inherent design of the vehicle represents a hazard to the driver, and the driver or his or her passenger is severely injured or killed as a result, this is a sign that they may need to speak to a product liability and injury attorney. The manufacturer may be held liable for the injuries in these instances.

Top product liability attorneys are able to hire expert witnesses to analyze the vehicle and find out more about whether the manufacturer bears responsibility for these serious crashes. For these reasons and many more, accident victims will need to pick up the phone and contact their closest personal injury attorney in Fort Pierce,Florida once an accident has taken place.

While the discussion that surrounds Tesla is only going to continue, it is time for clients who have experienced very significant and permanent injuries to receive their rightful compensation. Be sure to contact an attorney as soon as a Tesla accident has taken place.