Did you know that there are at least half a million restaurants in the United States? Every day, over 100 million American citizens sit down to eat at these establishments, with the objective of enjoying good food, without all of the attendant clean up hassles.  However, there are a number of restaurants who do not provide a pleasurable experience for their diners, leaving them susceptible to injuries. Fortunately, a personal injury attorney in Jupiter can help. Accident attorneys are on hand to offer assistance to all those who have experienced an accident or injury on a restaurant’s premises.


When you or a loved one has suffered from the following injuries or ailments doe to a restaurant’s negligence, it is time to contact a personal injury attorney in Jupiter. Let’s take a closer look at the various injuries a restaurant can he held liable for.

Food Poisoning

This is the most common restaurant related injury, and these cases often go unreported as customers fail to connect the dots between their illness and the role that the restaurant has played. Those who fail to seek medical attention when food poisoning takes place are often liable for their own injuries. If the restaurant does not store their poultry and meat at the correct temperatures or the food has come into contact with human bacteria, the customer is placed at risk.

Slip and Falls

These injuries are typically more common in a fast food setting, as opposed to a more formal dining establishment. When there are a high volume of customers in a short period of time, there is a much greater chance of customers injuring themselves by slipping on food or drinks that have been dropped on the floor.

Dental Injuries

If a customer breaks or chips a tooth in a restaurant setting, their embarrassment is only matched by their pain and suffering. When restaurants include hard candy or nuts in their ice cream or serve dishes that contain shards of plastic or glass, they are liable for the injuries caused as a result.


Puncture wound injuries are prevalent in restaurants that are located in warm weather regions, since diners are more likely to be clad in sandals or flip flops. If there is any broken glass, exposed screws or wood splinters present, the customer can file a claim for any injuries experienced.


When a restaurant patron begins choking, the establishment is not responsible for the events that led up to this moment, but they are held responsible for their response time. CPR needs to be administered quickly and emergency personnel must be contacted promptly. Foreign objects or bones left in the food can also be to blame.


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