Those who stay at hotels on a consistent basis can be exposed to some pretty annoying realities. Even some of the world’s finest hotels are subject to unforeseeable occurrences. So how can a personal injury attorney in Florida help with such concerns?


How a Personal Injury Attorney in Florida Can Help Clients Injured on Hotel Premises

Florida premises liability law applies when a guest is injured on hotel property.   A hotel must keep its premises safe for guests and invitees. They must also provide adequate notice of any dangers that exist on the property.  If they are found to be negligent in this regard, they may be held liable for injuries that take place on the hotel’s premises.

A personal injury attorney can aid a client who is injured on hotel property.  They can help their client to learn more about the cause of their injury and give them a clear-eyed point of view.  If the client is at all concerned about their right to compensation, the personal injury attorney draws on their past experiences to let them know what to expect and how to protect themselves in the event of an injury.

What Are Some Examples of Potential Breaches in a Hotel’s Responsibility to Its Guests?

  1. Failure to clean up a surface that leads to a slip and fall accident;
  2. Failure to properly maintain the premises to avoid any dangerous conditions that may lead to injuries;
  3. Failure to keep water temperatures at the correct level (to prevent scalding);
  4. Failure to properly maintain appliances in order to prevent injuries.

Why Should a Claim or Lawsuit Be Filed?

If a hotel has breached a duty to its guest and a guest is injured as a result, the hotel should be responsible for the damages they cause.   Often times, the hotel will deny responsibility, try to shift the blame to the hotel guest or will make an inadequate offer that does not take into account the full measure of someone’s losses and damages.  An injured party may have current medical expenses, but the hotel should also consider the long-term effects of someone’s injuries. The injured party may have medical expenses going into the future as well.

Lost wages or income, as well as pain and suffering, inconvenience and loss of enjoyment of life should also be considered.   A client should not allow themselves to fall into a financial hole because of a hotel’s negligence.   An injured party who chooses not to seek redress and compensation for their injuries may be placing themselves and their loved ones at a greater level of risk. Paying for the negligence of others is something that should be avoided. This is where the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney comes into play.

After all, why should an injured party shoulder financial responsibility for another party’s negligence?

If injuries take place during a stay at a Florida hotel and the establishment is refusing to accept responsibility and provide just compensation, it is time to speak to a Jupiter personal injury attorney.


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