Six people have been killed with nine injured when a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University collapsed. Although the official cause of the collapse is still not known, there are reports that a lead engineer had noticed and reported a crack in the bridge during its construction. The engineer’s report had however gone unattended.

A Florida personal injury lawsuit has been filed by one of the victims injured when the bridge collapsed, this is according to a news report. The lawsuit listed several parties that were involved in the construction of the bridge as defendants. Some of the defendants of the lawsuit include the firm responsible for the design of the bridge and the construction company charged with the responsibility of installing the bridge.

According to the lawsuit, the man had been riding his bicycle close to the bridge when the collapse happened. A motorist, while either trying to avoid the collapsing bridge or another motorist had knocked the plaintiff down. This collision had caused substantial injuries to the plaintiff.

Florida Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In an unfortunate event where someone loses his/her life due to the negligent conduct of another person, business or organization, the deceased loved ones have the right to request for compensation for their loss via a Florida wrongful death lawsuit. Typically, the case is meant to be instituted by the personal representative of the deceased. Any compensation awarded by virtue of the case is required to form a part of the victim’s estate.

Under section 768 of the Florida Statutes, the plaintiff of wrongful death cases who are successful will be entitled to recompense for any or more of the following;

  1. Loss of support and services offered by the deceased
  2. Medical and funeral expense
  3. Loss of earnings

Aside from the points listed above, a surviving spouse could be given recompense for a loss of protection and companionship previously offered by the deceased. Minor children could be awarded recompense for the loss of parental companionship, guidance, and instruction. All of which would have been provided by the deceased parent. In both of the cases mentioned above (surviving spouse and surviving children), the surviving individuals may be awarded recompense for any pain or suffering that they may have endured due to their loss.

Proving a wrongful death lawsuit and proving traditional negligence case is quite similar. In each of these cases, the plaintiff is required to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant ‘s negligence actions had led to the death of the loved one. In theory, this sounds pretty straightforward, but in reality, these cases are contested quite often and sometimes require the presentation of a few expert witnesses and a reputable personal injury attorney in Florida. This will be determined by the complexity of the issue involved.

Perhaps you have lost a loved one as a result of a Florida accident, you may be eligible for monetary compensation via a wrongful death lawsuit. What you need is to hire a reputable personal injury attorney in Florida.