While every state does not have a minimum age for leaving children home alone, Florida parents find themselves with major decisions to make. For some parents, it is tough to avoid the prospect of leaving children by themselves. In fact, there are situations where parents can be arrested for leaving their little ones alone as well.


Fortunately, this guide is here to provide the helpful tips and pointers that Florida parents need before calling a personal injury attorney in Jupiter or Port St. Lucie. Let’s take a closer look at the following areas of concern:

Parental Preparation

A personal injury attorney in Port St. Lucie will recommend the necessary preparation for parents. These are the points of discussion that are most crucial:


Is the child ready to handle the responsibilities that are associated with being left home alone? Will they be responsible for the welfare of any younger children? If they need assistance, are there any friends or neighbors nearby?

Level of Compliance

Does the child usually follow the rules that are set for them? Is the child willing to tell you if something goes wrong?

Comfort Level

How does the child feel about staying home alone? Are they ready or would they feel more comfortable with an adult present?


Is this going to be a regular occurrence and if so, what time of day?

Child Safety Technology

Parents who are looking to keep their child safe will want to equip their homes with the necessary technology. Smart home cameras and smart doorbell cameras are key. Also, GPS watches and tracking apps are a great way for parents to increase their peace of mind. Computer monitoring systems and smart locks should round out any home security system, especially when children are going to be left alone.

Tricks and Tips

Daily Conversations

Parents can confer with their children before they leave for school each day. These conversations allow children to let parents know more about their future whereabouts.

Take It Slow

Children who have yet to stay home alone are going to have to be eased into it. Allow them to have the time to build up their confidence before giving them too much responsibility.

Make Backup Plans

Even if parents have their own smart devices, it is good to have a backup plan. Physical copies of the pertinent phone numbers need to be placed in a position of prominence. Make sure that there is always a backup contact in case of emergency as well.

Learn More About The Neighbors

The most experienced injury attorneys in Jupiter and Port St. Lucie are always going to recommend taking the time to meet with neighbors whenever possible. The neighbors are a crucial asset in times like these. When emergency situations arise, the neighbors are going to be one of the most important assets that a parent can ever have.


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