When an accident takes place, there are two parts of the car that are going to be responsible for saving your life: the airbags and the seat belt. Sadly, we may be placing our trust in airbags for the wrong reasons. Did you know that there are over 85 million vehicles that contain faulty airbags?

If you are driving a vehicle with Takata airbags, there is a recent recall that may affect your day to day. 11 deaths have already taken place as a result of these airbags. This is obviously not what is supposed to happen when airbags are deployed. Filing a lawsuit is obviously a no brainer and we are here to provide a closer look at the manufacturers who use these types of airbags.

Those who drive a vehicle made by one of these manufacturers need to remain on high alert:

• Acura • Audi • BMW • Cadillac • Chevrolet • Chrysler/Fiat • Daimler • Ford • GMC • Honda • Infiniti • Lexus • Lincoln • Mazda • Mercedes-Benz • Mercury • Mitsubishi • Nissan • Pontiac • Saab • Saturn • Scion • Subaru • Toyota • Volkswagen

If this seems like every manufacturer on the marketplace, you are essentially correct. Every model is not going to be affected, though. This is also important to remember. Head to the site and put in the vehicle’s VIN number to find out if you are one of the drivers who is affected by the recall taking place.

The Prevalence of Lawsuits

When a recall is issued, they take place for a reason. Recalls allow those who are potentially affected by the issues to avoid injury or death. Those who are currently driving vehicles that are constructed with the Takata airbags will definitely want to file a lawsuit as soon as possible.

While a product recall may seem like a sure thing when it comes to a case of this nature, clients must remember that a recall is not all of the evidence that is going to be needed. A client needs to enlist an experienced legal representative who knows the ins and outs of the recall.

To win the lawsuit, a client has to be able to prove that the recall was not provided in a timely manner. A recall notice is not sufficient. Clients who wish to remain proactive will want to sign up for e-mail notifications. This allows them to remain up to date on all recalls.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach Florida if you or a loved one is wondering about the viability of their case. A case review can be provided and this lets the client know if they are able to receive the desired outcome. Any Florida client that finds themselves suffering through injuries incurred by a recalled product should always contact a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney as soon as possible.