In a world where teen driving safety is receiving wider acknowledgement than ever before, Florida parents are paying more attention to their teen’s first car than ever before.

Are you in the process of purchasing a car for your prospective teen driver? This is one of the biggest decisions that you are ever going to make. Any parent that is looking to avoid making an unfortunate call to a personal injury attorney will want to read on and learn more.

Why The “Old” Car Isn’t The Best Choicecar-safety-personal-injury-attorney

While some experts will say that an old car is the best choice for your teen driver, this is the furthest thing from the truth. A cheap, used car can be a good choice but that does not mean that no further research is needed. An older vehicle may not provide the same “get up and go” as a newer one but guess what?

These vehicles also come without the same level of security as their newer counterparts. An older vehicle is also not going to have the same level of responsiveness when it is put up to the rigors of a crash test. Newer vehicles are more costly but the safety that is associated with a higher price tag is priceless.

What Safety Features Are Recommended by a Jupiter Florida Personal Injury Attorney?

Lane Departure Warning Technology

This keeps a teen from potentially changing lanes in a dangerous manner when they are fatigued or not paying close attention. They provide warnings when a teen is heading into the wrong lane.

Automatic Emergency Braking

If the vehicle’s collision warning system happens to sense a threat, the automatic emergency braking springs into action to keep the teen safe. Any crash that would require rapid fire reflexes is avoided.

Collision Warning

Objects that are too close to the vehicle for the teen to properly notice are tough to avoid but thanks to collision warning, the teen is given time to react.

Monitoring of Blind Spots

The newer the vehicle, the more likely it is to possess a blind spot monitoring feature that keeps various collisions from having a chance to occur.

The Toyota, Mazda and Subaru are considered to be among the top vehicle manufacturers when it comes to teen driving safety. Parents who are willing to adhere to the aforementioned tips and pointers are able to avoid the usual concerns that arise when teen drivers first make their way onto the road.

There are other manufacturers that offer top notch safety options, so be sure to ask your dealership about their specific inventory. Keeping teen drivers safe is a crucial responsibility that falls squarely on the shoulders of the parent.