December 24

Tort Law- Criminal Law Versus Civil Law

Apart from legislation granting a right to sue for a specific harm, personal injury law generally consists of tort law and the civil procedure for enforcing it. Law is sometimes divided into civil law and criminal law. This article discusses the distinction between civil law and criminal law as it relates to tort law and.

December 22

Professional Rescuers

A rescuer who comes to the aid of a victim of a peril may be either an amateur or a professional, such as a firefighter or a police officer. With respect to amateur rescuers, the “rescue doctrine” may apply to allow the rescuer to recover against the creator of the victim’s peril for injuries that.

December 20

Real Estate

Nuisances Every property owner is entitled to use his land in a reasonable way. His use, however, may exceed the bounds of reason and become an inconvenience or even a nuisance to others. A nuisance is more than a mere inconvenience that has to be tolerated. If a nuisance rises to a certain level, it.

December 18

Federal Teacher Protection Act- Punitive Damages

The federal Teacher Protection Act (TPA) attempts to limit punitive damage awards against school employees in cases in which they are not immune from liability. The TPA states that punitive damages may not be awarded against a school employee in an action based upon an act or omission that occurred within the scope of the.

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