There are a number of things that could result in personal injury including getting injured at work by a broken machine, suffering a car crash caused by another party’s carelessness, a routine medical procedure that results in a mishap or consuming a prescribed medication that causes serious adverse effects due to the manufacturers’ negligence.

Such injuries according to statistical data always have life-altering consequences 80% of the time. This situation puts your health, job, family, home and security at risk. It gets even more complicated when the injury is no fault of yours. You are entitled to seek justice in the courts if you suffer such fate.

Congress is Against your Rights!

Congress is reportedly mounting an attack on your rights. They are preparing to debate legislation which will make it harder for personal injury victims to pursue justice. The new law will instead be more beneficial to dangerous hospitals, insurance companies, reckless drivers, and many other wrongdoers.

The entire process involved (in the debate legislation) in the bills that Congress intend to debate will ultimately have a devastating impact on the ordinary people. It will make an already complicated process (pursuing justice after suffering personal injury) unattainable.

Congress is bent on doing this as quietly and quickly as possible.

It is important to point out that each bill has passed the House Judiciary Committee with no hearings taking place thus making it especially paramount to understand these bills and take steps towards protecting your rights. For those in the Florida region including Boca Raton, Jupiter and Orlando a Florida Personal Injury Attorney can help you fight for your rights.

It is paramount to indicate that if these bills are passed into law, it would:

Limit Compensation

Compensation for injuries inflicted by medical professionals, including hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, and manufacturers of medical devices, will be limited to $250,000.00, regardless of the extent in which the injury altered your life or the level of bad behavior displayed by the company or medical professional.

Remove the Possibility of Class-action Law Suites

Eliminating class-action lawsuits would virtually halt the ability to bring the types of cases that keep the populace safe.

Take Out the Laws of Individual States

This means individual state laws relating to such lawsuits will be eliminated. All personal injury cases will be decided in the Federal Court.

Give Insurance Firms More Control

Insurance companies will have the ability to make payments instead of paying an injury victim the full compensation.

Don’t Wait to Be a Victim!

You shouldn’t wait to be a victim; you can reach Congress and remind them that they are supposed to protect your rights and the rights of those you love. It is crucial to speak out your concerns (about this issue) to these government officials, so as to ensure that they vote no on any anti-civil justice bills.

If you require more information or have any questions, please call a knowledgeable Florida Personal Injury Attorney.


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