Personal injury cases can require a level of assistance that goes above and beyond the typical tort law knowledge. This is especially true when clients are forced to deal with insurance companies who are looking to limit the level of compensation that these clients are entitled to receive.


The complications that take place during a personal injury case can be difficult to untangle. When these complications occur, they can extend well-beyond the normal mental, physical and financial concerns. Insurance companies are skilled when it comes to placing as many obstacles and complications in a client’s path as possible.

When an injury attorney in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens or Port St. Lucie is contacted, they are able to provide the navigational assistance that an accident victim requires. An accident victim that does not have the proper legal assistance is unable to recover the settlement sum that is commensurate with their losses, injuries and damages.

The top injury attorneys make sure that the client’s recovery is maximized, and protects his or her legal rights.   Any time damages occur or a personal injury takes place, the services of a dedicated injury attorney must be retained. The legal battle to come can be arduous. When clients hire an injury attorney in Port St. Lucie, this is what they can expect:

A Determination of Their Claim’s Valuepers

The injury attorney negotiates with the insurance company of the party who is liable, determining the value of their client’s claim in the process. An insurance company is always going to have their own legal representative who is operating with their best interests in mind. The injured party needs someone looking out for them.  In many instances, these claims can be settled out of court before a trial has a chance to take place.

Ensuring Full Compensation

The client’s recovery is maximized because the attorney is able to preserve any and all evidence that can be included in the claim.  Police reports, medical records, injury photos, photos of the scene and eyewitness testimony are included among this evidence. The attorney also knows the applicable laws that may benefit them.

Offering Advice

When a client is looking to enhance their maximum compensation, there are a number of areas to consider. For example, even the most minor injuries can create long term complications that the client has yet to contemplate. Even a bump on the head can turn into a long-term injury if it is not cared for properly. Medical treatment is recommended in these instances, so that the client is able to rule out or attempt to minimize any long term issues or complications. The attorney will also make sure a victim’s injuries are properly documented and quantified, if possible.

Avoiding Unfair Settlements

The client may not be able to receive the proper settlement because they are quick to accept the first proposal that is offered to them. When an injury attorney in St. Lucie is enlisted, the insurance company is no longer able to underpay. Personal injury claims are properly settled, without all of the usual hassles and red tape.


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