According to a recent report released by The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission​), a set of women’s scarves were recalled​ due to the violation of the federal fire safety standards. The women’s scarves didn’t meet the standard of the federal flammability for clothing and at such users were at risk of burn injuries.

DG Fashion was the manufacturer of the scarves, and they were sold online on different sites. One popular site that sold the product was Amazon and it was sold from around $15-20 from the year June 2015 to March 2017. These recalled scarves were produced with fringe at the end, and they come in a variety of colors. DG Fashion and Amazon are making efforts to contact consumers themselves so as to bring their attention to the recall.

The United States is known for its tough flammability standards and as such, clothing items usually go through rigorous testing to ascertain that they are safe and will not burn too easily. All this is to ensure that when a set of clothing catches fire, the individual will have as much time needed to stop or remove it before a serious injury is sustained​.

Since 1953, The Flammable Fabrics Act was established to protect and regulate the level of flammability in clothing and reduce the influx of dangerous and fast-burning clothes on the market. One of the duties of the CPSC is to act as the watchdog and to ensure that the flammable clothing is reduced in the marketplace – as clothing is not just the only product that is regulated and monitored by the law. Other products also include foam, plastic, furnishings, paper, etc. Due to all of these legal guidelines, the distributors and manufacturers owe it as their responsibility to make sure that their products all meet the flammability safety standards in women’s clothing.

For cases of lawsuits, a personal injury attorney must be contacted. To ensure that customers were kept safe, protected and prevented from using unsafe scarves, these standards must be incorporated. When they are not, and a consumer suffers injuries, that individual has the right to contact a personal injury attorney and sue the manufacturers of the outfit. The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a statement instructing customers and anyone who owns a pair to discontinue its use immediately and to contact DG Fashion as soon as possible to get a complete refund of their money.

Florida Product Liability Lawyers were also contacted for their legal services in the cases of lawsuits issued by some customers who suffered injury because of the injuries they suffered during their use of flammable scarves. There are attorneys who are well-experienced in representing victims of such serious injuries and victims who die due to unsafe women’s clothing. These attorneys will be more than happy to attend to you, review your case for an answer any question you may have.