The news came as a rude shock to a lot of people across the U.S. The video was disturbing and appalling seeing a police officer assaulting and violently removing a passenger from the United Airline on the 10th day of April 2017. The video was trending on the internet and quickly became the news of the day.

The name of the passenger involved in this violent assault by a police officer is Doctor David Dao. The United Airlines was in need of four seats for their employees who would serve as flight crew. They offered passengers $800 and a hotel accommodation for any passenger who was willing to let go of their seat, but none complied.

However, in a bid to achieve their aim, the airline decided to randomly remove four passengers from the plane. It’s not certain if United Airlines has the legal right to kick off four passengers from the plane. A lot of legal comments were made, and some were of the view that the airlines had the right to refuse to board a passenger with the aim of saving seats for their staff but doesn’t have the right to kick passengers off the plane for the same reason.

The flight asked Dr. Dao to get off the plane and make his trip with another flight the next morning. The doctor declined because he had patients that he had to attend to the following day. At this point, the police Department of Aviation became involved. The police officer drafted to eject the Doctor smashed his face to an armrest and in the process broke two of his teeth. This led to a concussion according to the family. The video showed that Dr. Dao’s face was covered with blood. Since the event, the police department has proceeded by placing several officers on leave pending investigation.

The whole incident has raised mind burgling questions. One of the questions is if the airline had the legal right to remove Dr. Dao from the plane. Airline passengers are in a precarious position with regards airlines taking advantage of passengers and violating their legal rights. The next question is were the officers of Department if Aviation supposes to take orders from the airline? Why would a police officer decide to use such violent force to remove a passenger who posed no threat?

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