The president of a boating company in Rhode Island has died as a result of injuries sustained in a boat accident in Florida. The incident occurred a month ago near the Faro Blanco Resort and Yacht Club in Marathon (during the Powerboat Club Key West Poker Run), Florida.

According to the report, Outerlimits Offshore Powerboat’s owner, was on board with four other men and a 52-year-old boat operator when the incident occurred. Two of the passengers on the boat were treated as a result of multiple injuries caused by the crash at a hospital near the scene. The other two passengers weren’t injured in the accident.

Although racing powerboats can be deemed by a section of the populace as a dangerous activity, this doesn’t mean that the boat operator wasn’t responsible for showing reasonable care. The boat cost $500,000 approximately and can travel at 100-miles-per-hour. The throttle man and driver of these boats are required to put on five-point harnesses.

Stats on Boating Accidents in Florida

There were 56 boating accidents that claimed lives in Florida in 2016. These incidents resulted in 67 deaths. With the number one cause of death drowning. Drug abuse and alcohol use cause one-fourth of these boating accidents. According to FWC in its Boating Accidents Statistical Report for 2016 that Florida has the highest rate of boating accidents in the United States. The number stood at 931,500 registered vessels with 714 reportable boating accidents as at 2016.

The Investigation So Far

Despite the fact that Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission launched an investigation on the collision, it can not be immediately ascertained whether the issue will warrant legal action. However, it is likely a Florida Injury Attorney will want to learn more regarding whether there was a waiver of liability or a release signed before the race as might be the case in competitions like these. This isn’t a Florida typical boating accident, but it underscores the potential danger lurking in Florida’s waters.

A reportable boating accident is an accident that meets any of the following criteria:

– When a passenger disappears under circumstances that presents the possibility of injury or death.

– When someone dies.

– When an individual on board the vessel suffers a personal injury that requires immediate medical attention beyond first aid.

– When there was property damage on either the vessel running into $2,000.

– There was permanent loss of the boat.

When to Call on A Florida Injury Attorney

If you have suffered injury or lost a loved one to death in a Florida boating accident, a Florida injury lawyer injury can help you determine whether you have a valid claim for damages. They will evaluate the situation and help you get the best solution possible.


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